A Veteran owned coaching, mentoring and consulting business established in 1999 by John Ahlering, a determined listener, coach and creative relationship builder

Purpose & Strategy: 
CTG Advisory provides executive and organizational  coaching, mentoring and insight into relationships and organizational dynamics. In developing trust, I ask many thought provoking and probing questions that help the client determine the best direction to take and specific actions that will be most effective and economical going forward 

Coastal Technology provides field service consulting for maintenance parts sourcing, parts inventory optimization and the latest field service strategies including smart phone and smart eyeglasses on-site problem solving

Exactly How I Help you: Using my life experiences, career depth and listening skills, my ultimate goal is to help clients and organizations create what they want in the most economical way.

With empathy and purposeful listening, I ask many thought provoking and probing questions to allow a new Vision and Purpose about the future to unfold.



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Call me at 704-609-4091 or email me at jahlering68@gmail.com

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