Founder and CEO

John Ahlering, President
and Founder

"A Relationship Builder"; Empathetic, yet tough-minded and determined"; an Intuitive listener and seasoned technology industry veteran,  He looks you in the eye, and asks key questions, then asks more - and finally draws out the clients own best idea from within of how to move forward to achieve fulfillment and purpose and getting results in the most economical way

John Ahlering, a US Navy veteran, has enjoyed over 30 years refining his business development, sales, engineering, and entrepreneurial expertise with companies such as IBM Corporation, Johnson Controls, and most recently as the founder and owner of Coastal Technology and CTG Advisory.

His unique, empathetic and sincere mentoring and client relationship building approach to technology optimization and sales strategy has helped multiple clients identify growth and utilization opportunities, hidden business possibilities, and hard-to-define challenge areas. 
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