Customer relationship projects and technology counseling success stories:
  • Operating on a 16 hour time difference from Charlotte, NC, I remotely advised and successfully constructed and tested on-line banking software for NAB; National Australian Bank, in Melbourne, Australia
  • Worked closely with several major convenience store operators in Virginia and North Carolina to advise, facilitate and test their new field maintenance smart phone parts ordering software system and to ensure pricing and parts inventory information was current and accurate. 
  • Provided advice and needs assessment with a regional Hospital in South Carolina to source several new technology products that recorded lap running times to facilitate performance data required for a federal grant program.
  • Successfully completed a 4 month cost savings project at 25 Florida offices of Heritage Propane, Tulsa, Oklahoma, a large energy and transportation company. Proposal and implementation included on-site software installation, scheduling coordination and support services for software changes to over 60 delivery truck cab computers that enabled higher profit margins for each customer delivery as mandated by the EPA
  • Expanded a pilot service delivery project with BP Oil, a world-class petroleum organization, I implemented field testing of service maintenance operations, which included improving technology utilization of the Cleveland, Ohio Field Services Help Desk. I further expanded procedures and a unique "one stop maintenance services approach " at 120 BP c stores included the hiring and development of an entirely new technical service staff of 15 field service technicians that provided "one stop servicing" of over 50 petroleum and food service equipment products
  • Provided project management advice for a specific proof of concept business project to evaluate and test the ability to rebuild, test, package and ship multiple brand tractor equipment electronic circuit boards to a large factory authorized tractor equipment electronic part supplier in Kansas. 
  • Offered purchasing & parts sourcing advice, strategy, audit, quality control and data analysis to Healthcare facilities to ensure high-dollar technology parts & equipment optimization and value for dollars spent.
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